still have yet to get the new tires balanced, but finally able to drive it around my town now!! been about 8 months in the making with a total investment of about $3000.. bought it for 1200, put a bucket of money into it..

drivers window reg.
passenger R window reg
fan clutch
rear main seal (2x)
wheel bearings
oil filter mount o-ring
3 inch lift
roof basket

way too much other random little crap...

but was it worth it? yeah!!! this thing is great. can't wait to get it on the hiway and take it to work..

and actually get it dirty..

when i bought it:

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0909111825a by fragile_this_side_up_retro_club, on Flickr

what it is now:

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DSC00265 by fragile_this_side_up_retro_club, on Flickr

just randomly posting.. meh. bored..

So, i bought an 01 Kia Sportage. before i even drove it, i nick-named it The Goat.. it has been just like a goat.. stubbern at every corner...