I have the following items for sale/free/stuff (will not ship):

One swing-away spare tire carrier with hinges and the matching latch plate from a ZR2 Blazer. I should post my own pic but for now just know that it looks exactly like this one
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"But that's got the wrong lug pattern!" you say? Well yes, it's set up for 5-on-4.75" lugs but it comes with a neat piece of aluminum already drilled to that pattern that you can put your own wheel pattern on to adapt it! Woo!

Anyway I'd like to get $21.17 for it and you have to tell me a dirty joke.

I also have several carbon fiber factory skidplates from a s10, they look weak but they're <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mrt.gif" alt="" /> pretty tough. Use them to make armor to wear in battle, or play them like drums. Take them all for the price of one dirty joke that can be told in front of kids without them knowing it's dirty.

A pair of (new) Hammond long delay mechanical spring reverbs, $20 for the pair and you have to promise to not play "Mmm Bop" through them (for the good of all mankind). RCA in/out, no decay knob.

A steering box in good condition with arm for a 1996-2004 S10 , free - please take it away.

A pair of front coil springs for a 1999-2004 WJ (stock) free - please take them away.

Pair of MTX AAL12 home speakers, new-old-stock in like new condition with boxes, $80 http://www.mtxaudio.ru/p/cabs/aal12.htm
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