98 140k overheated when heater hose blew. I plugged it and filled it with water. It runs and drives very well, I have driven over 50 miles no problems. It has a salvage title and possible alignment/frame issues. With lots of back maintenance it could be a great Montero. If anybody wants it whole it is $2000.

Ok didn't think so, Toasty wants a door panel, Clarkdale friend wanted a bumper corner it is scratched but no dents or other damage.

There are a lot of things I will be keeping, so just ask. Prices will be very, very cheap if you pull it yourself. If I have to pull it and/or ship it, prices won't be so good.

It has a complete tool kit flashlight and all.

Things not for sale (subject to change at any time or for the right price).

C/V shafts
Gas tank
Single use skid plates
Head lights
Front corner markers

99 Montero....15mpg! Sold (so sad)
02 Jetta TDI....48mpg!
03 2500 Ram QCLB Cummins....18mpg
02 2500 Yukon XL, We out grew the montero, at least it has one locker.....13mpg