The above ammo is still available, it's 30-06 or 7.6263mm

Also I have two Rough Country / Heckethorn shock absorbers free to a good or bad home, shocks are brand new but have been hanging out in the garage a good 10 years. 650383, 23.125 eye to eye, 24.5 overall, 9 inches travel, compressed about 15 overall. I think they are for the front of ~4" lifted F250s and probably a few other applications. Actually I think they originally came out of a lift kit for an XJ... Anyway they're free

Also I have four new U-joints, two are Duralast Gold # 2-4800DG (pretty sure that's a 1330 size) and two are ACDelco 45U0145 (ALSO 89029327) - all are free