[gauging interest] (2) Australian Magna EFI intake manifolds w/ fuel rails.

Here's a picture of one modified/installed in a USDM 4G54.

[Linked Image]

Depending on your setup, some fabrication might be required (namely, relocating TB).

We're importing (3). One is for my Starion buddy, who tells me these things go for $500-$600 when they turn up on Ebay. The plan was 1 for my buddy's Starion, 1 for my Rocinante, and 1 to sell to reimburse my mate down under for air freight halfway around the world on what are fairly large and relatively heavy items.

Now that I'm looking to sell Rocinante to get a Gen 2.5, I'm going to put mine on offer to help fund the new Monty purchase before summer.

Again, these sell for $500-$600 *when* they come available. Before I dump these on the Starion board, I'm posting here to gauge interest at $450.

Of course I'll provide pictures of the actual items once they arrive in Phoenix, likely next month.


PS: I'm also going to have my gen 1 (2.6, MT) Aussie crawler gears (Mark's 4WD Adapters , 48% reduction) available one of these days. New, they're $1000-ish plus shipping plus installation. I'm going to sell as a complete, ready-to-bolt-up tcase. Think $800 would be a fair price?

Thanks for looking.

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