Posting my VR-4 for sale. I've got too many projects and a nice pile of upgrades for this car that I dont seem to have interest in putting on, so it's obvious I need to part ways with her.

To any of you on here that might have interest, I'm willing to do partial or full trade for something my girl wouldnt mind driving, can be 2/4 door, rwd or 4wd, must be automatic, must have great AC.

V45W - 1999, 3.5 sohc, winter package
L042G- 1987, 2.6 carb, auto - Cylon Raider
A112 - 1973 Galant Wagon - 4G63 Turbo, 5 speed
L023G - 1983, 2.6 carb, 5 speed manual 4WD
L028 - 1983, 4D55 turbo diesel 2WD