You can use the regular gear oils with TF lockers. Only the clutch-based LSDs require the synthetic stuff. I'd run the bargain 80W90 gear oil for the break-in period, which should be changed after 500 miles. The rear is easy to break-in, as it's always turning when the vehicle is moving. I have yet to get the 500 miles of drive time on the front axle. I've heard that some guys don't really worry about the front break-in and just change out the oil when they have a "good enough" number of miles or run-time on the front axle. If you want to run a better brand of oil after break-in, go for it. You can even go with the synthetic stuff, if you like.

As for the installation of the TF locker, I think it's pretty simple. My rear locker came pre-installed in a carrier with a fresh set of carrier bearings. So I can't give you hands-on advice. The only issue you may have is getting the proper clearance of the locker when it opens up to ratchet. That's set by the stock carrier's thrust washers, if I understand correctly. Here are 2 links to the Lock Right locker product sheets. The TF lockers are basically clones of this design. The first is the installation instructions for a Toyota 7.5" third member, which is very similar to the Sporty's third member (KIA actually used Mazda's design for the drive train... that's why the Miata & RX-7 diffs are drop-in on the front - the rear is identical, except for the ring gear flange being extended out to hold the 7.5" ring gear). This will give you a good idea of what's involved. There are also some good install videos on YouTube, if you care to look them up...

Lock Right Installation PDF

Lock Right Owner's Manual

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