Saturday June 29th 2013. My house. It's kinda central-ish. 16th street and baseline area.

Got any wrenching that needs done? Do you yearn to install beer in your face? Do you just want to hang out with the other mofos on this forum? Well, every time I invite people out, they make excuses, so ready your next round of excuses. I'll be here with beer anyway.

I have a driveway, a relatively possible-to-get-a-vehicle-into garage, a tree that makes shade, a weak-ass air compressor and a modest assortment of random tools at my little home in the ghetto. Plus some crazy guy who rents my downstairs bedroom/bathroom/etc.

I'm available all day, guests will dictate the hours. Morning? Noon? Night? UNF! Contact me if you need directions, and let me know when's good.

Where are the white women at?
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