Honestly no idea how old the master is or how many miles.

Fluid hasnt been black at all that I recall. I honestly think I might just pick up a rebuilt one in the end depending on price. Willing to be the inside is corroded should I take that route.

I just dont know what would cause this besides a bad master. No signs of lost fluid, no leaks, everything in the brake system is new.

Just adjusted the pushrod, everything was fine and now its bad again. Thats what baffles me. Doesnt hiss so cant be a bad booster and the lines to the booster and other vac lins appear ok.

Truck has 1" bore master right? I think I want a firmer pedal period so the 1 1/16" bore is what I might aim for. Does it matter when it says non abs vs abs? I do have abs btw.

Edit: found this post on TTORA, seems they are all the same abs or not. http://www.ttora.com/forum/showthread.php?t=144432

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