It has been cold for some time now, were talking about 25-50F most days (hi/lo). This past week or so its been a bit colder but nothing insane.

The thing is I dont understand why after adjusting the pushrod it either unadjusted itself or the master got worse..IDK. Its only been maybe 2 months max since I adjusted it.

I will say since I adjusted it, it was fine up until a week or so ago.

I had thought the larger master would make the pedal be firmer as in the travel would be less maybe? Pushing more fluid in the end. Either way the larger master is only 1/16" vs the smaller 7/8" (or whatever it is) the old trucks were vs the 1" masters.

I think Im going to is wait and see how it goes, if the pedal sinks again Im just gonna try replacing the master.

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