I could really use some advice guys. I know Im annoying with all my issues, but Im desperate at this point. I adjusted the pushrod the pedal went down again by today, its been less than a week.

There are no external leaks at the master, either at the seals or at the fittings either. No fluid loss at all that I can find, reservoir is full to the top. No leaks at any of the calipers or wheel cyls or lines. Everythings new but booster and master.

Using the haynes and toy FSM I come up with the following after using the test procedures for the booster they outline:
Q. Engine stopped and press pedal several times, pedal travel shouldnt change.
A. pedal travel becomes less.

Q.Brake pedal fully depressed start engine, pedal should sink a little when engine starts
A. Pedal sinks at least a good inch or better

Q. Depress brake pedal, stop engine and hold.
A. Pedal doesnt seem to sink I think, its hard to tell b/c it sinks a little if any.

Q. Start engine, let run for a min. Turn off and then press brake pedal several times. Pedal travel will decrease
A. Pedal travel does decrease.

I also rechecked the pushrod, yep its adjusted where I had it last I measure. I did notice theres quite a bit of in and out play at the rod-is that normal? Also noticed if I grip the rod with pliers (so I can adjust it) it hisses if I dont keep the pliers straight.

No leaks anywhere, not even at the master seal. I just adjusted the pushrod again maybe 1/8" at most and bingo firm pedal again. Maybe the springs or whatevers inside the masters wore out? At this point its either replace one or the other-master being much cheaper first.


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