Erik, I checked and honestly it musta been changed or Im just missing seeing it. Either way 1/16" wont matter Id think, it matters when you step up 7/8" to the 1" of course. As for measuring it, Ill be doing that shortly just to make sure.

Checked the booster rod inside, still has the factory paint on it. What has been happening is pedal travel directly correlates to outside temps (after I adjusted the booster pushrod). Was fine one day cause it was cold-high like 40F at the most, warmed up to about 55-60F one day and it was over adjusted. Infact I have unadjusted it several times now since it got warmer.

So my best guess is either where the pushrod is-that rubbers bad and leaking (doesnt seem like the boosters leaking at all). Or inside the master the rubber is expanding and contracting rubber seals. Either way masters like 100 bucks vs 250 for a booster. I cant find a t100 in a junkyard here either, so its new or bust it would seem for both. Theres literally nothing else old on the brake system otherwise.

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