Hi again all,

Been awhile since I posted, still lurking around and loving what you do with your Sportages. Wish the Sorento would've amassed a following this large!

Did some searching around and couldn't find anything definitive results about Pro Track over in Greece. Using Bing to translate, I was able to find a rear locker made by them for the Sorento: Kia Sorento Pro Track Locker

They only list the one for the rear, and no pricing, so I sent an email. Got a great reply, very easy to understand and work with. Guy named Michael told me they would have to make it to order, costs 950 Euro. Also told me they have a front locker available, simply blew my mind! hahaha

So before I start saving up and send someone across an ocean close to $1,500 American, has anyone here successfully dealt with them for the Sportage? Are they good to deal with or should I avoid them? I welcome all opinions, trying to find a locker to replace my factory LSD has yielded very little results thus far.

2005 Kia Sorento LX - 3.5L with 5 speed manual
2" Daystar spring spacer lift - 265/75R16 BFG's fitted
Custom front bumper with hitch mount, sliders, engine skid.