If I remember correctly, we were able to rotate the trans 180 while under the truck so the bell housing came out back by the rear wheels. He has 31" tires, not sure if that makes a big difference though. We did remove the shifters (assuming you did as well) as well as the rear drive shaft.


Wound up using ratchet straps to hang the tranny while I got the jack out, then lowered it onto my creeper with a couple boards on top. Slid right out then.

Resurfaced the flywheel, changed the rear main seal, put a Marlin HD clutch and short throw shifter in. Put everything back in and changed the Tcase output shaft seal. Got it all buttoned up around 9 this morning. All together, maybe 16 hours of work or so. Not too bad for doing it completely myself, for the first time, too.

NAPA sells some fantastic degreaser in a purple bottle. 25 years of oil and dirt came off with a little scrubbing, and it's shiny aluminum except for a few spots.

The adapter to turn a regular jack into a transmission jack worked OK.
[Linked Image]

I'm sure a dedicated jack would have been a little easier, but I made it work. The angle adjustment was nice for getting the transmission back in. The single bolt attachment point seemed a little cheesy, but nothing broke so I guess it works.

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