I was just grasping when I suggested slipped T belt. I didn't recall any of your previous post on what you've done,,,gettin senile I recon.
I hope Rockauto sent you the right Distributor. With the wrong one it probably wouldn't run at all. Harness coming out the bottom and it's an '89.
Yours being OBD2 I think your stuck with having codes read.
That's probably the only way to see if it's cam or crank sensor.
You have 3 coils , maybe as seperate packs,,,were all replaced? I don't know much about them, I don't know if each one has an igniter or if those are inside the ECU.
On gen 1 the ECU and ICS are reset after the battery cable has been disconted to clear codes and then reset by starting and ildling 5 min. , shut off restatr and ildle 5 more. Each time idle will drop about 100rpm till it gets to 700rpm. Keep in mind the Gen 1 is a hundred time more primative an ECU.
I would never touch the 2 cables together incase some juice was left in a capacitor somewhere.

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dave h.
'89 Raider V6 5spd;Aisin Hubs;; Gen2 LS: frt. brakes, rear coils;U.C.arms;R.trailing arms;idler arm; rear LSD axle w.disc brakes ;2 battery system for Dog's fan; relocated ECU; custom bumpers;J.Baker receiver;Conferr roofrack; t-bar crank.