Hello All

Im am new member but long time customer as it where smile

I'm havin trouble with changing gears in my sportage. When engine is off changes like a dream but as the drive goes on and when the 4wd is warm I'm having to double clutch or feed it in to gear. All the while im about to push my foot through the floor making sure that clutch is depressed all the way.

I have recently changed master and slave cylinders even though I got them from the wreckers as it seems to pretty hard to find a master cylinders at auto store is Aus. All the same there was a very marginal difference it was a liitle better. But far from a smooth gear change.

It has about 170,000km on it. now I have done much googling to find a common issue but to no avail. So of what I have read that seems to be close to my problem, is a synchronizer problem (in the post I read he was saying about a plug you can check on the out side of trans?) would there be any truth to this or is a replace clutch plate problem?

Any advice would be appreciated

2002 Kia Sportage