Just an update - The smaller shop is estimating about $1000 less to do the same repair job. I think I am going to go ahead and have him do it, I honestly don't want to do the job myself right now and I want my Sportage back asap, and don't want to buy another car right now.

That first shop was just really high on their pricing. The guy I talked to on the phone sounded very coached and trained on how to deal with customers. Everything I said, any concerns I had about the costs etc, he sounded like he had an answer ready from some kind of script. It really turned me off, it's like he had been trained on how to talk customers into paying the high prices. At this new shop where the Sportage is now, the guy just sounds honest and straightforward, and his price estimates are so much lower. Screw that first place! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/butwiggle.gif" alt="" />

The first transmission place was my dad's idea. At the time I had a bad feeling about it. The place is good at what they do but they are expensive. Around here they are sort of the Cadillac of transmission places and their prices are higher. This second place, with the lower prices, was recommended to us by an old neighbor who sells used cars. He takes all his used cars that need transmission work to this shop because the guy is honest and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Should have taken it there first!

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