>>>*Yep, vac line, had a split in it. I must be getting old here, silly easy stuff. I went and put my glasses on, started pulling lines one at a time. This one runs from the intake to a thermal vacuum switch. Does it show that I haven't been under the hood of many of these real old rigs? *LOL**

Anyway, stuck my finger over the hose, no vacuum. Had it at the port though. Cut the bad piece off which fixed that, suddenly the mixture and idle screw had an effect.

She sits there at 850, chattery idle which I know about since I found a cam card with my company name on it in the glove box. Front cover and valve cover have red RTV so someone has been in there recently. New cap, new wires, new everything, someone has been trying to solve that idle problem. Dang near missed it myself....Thanks!....*EB

Funny, everyone swears that the cam I have of yours has to be run at an 8-900 idle to get it to smooth out, and mine runs smooth as it ever did right at 650-700.

Maybe you can help me out with ID on it. It's the cam that's described as having roughly the same power band as factory, rather than the 0-4000 RPM range. Was that the 261 or 268 cam? I honestly can't remember anymore.

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