Had a leak. After all tries, it turned out it seemed it was coming from the return hose metal attachment to the pump. Went to remove the PS pump. So got rid of the A/C compressor and bracket (left top and center -- A/C empty for several years) and this gave access to PS pump from the top..and removed everything.
Indeed there was a pinhole in metal return elbow (top center/right)....so after brushing all rust out I covered the whole fixture with epoxy glue. (I had fixed the gas tank that way).
I tested the pressure hose for leaks and although badly corroded it turned out OK....and decided to keep it for a try. Now..in case some have gone into that area, ...here is the question: a replacement pressure hose as listed in RockAuto shows a pair of copper washers...mine had none. INstead, on the pump side, I can see room for 2 O-rings (bottom right - enlargment of center right) ..although only one can be seen. I plan to install top and bottom washers from my inventory. Yes, a new pressure hose would be ideal...but the best price in Canada is twice the price you get at RockAuto (excluding shipping)..so..since the Sporty is near the end..... I want to take a chance at saving 69$....most of the access route is now clear and it would not be too hard to reach the place again for a replacement, if it turns out necessary.
ANy comment from your experience on this is welcome.
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