The reasons are simple and several:

* I don't drive it anymore.
* I'll be 70 years old in April and it hurts to crawl around on a concrete floor.
* Even if it didn't hurt, I can't see much of what I'm doing without reading glasses - and that's no fun while working on a truck.
* I'm lucky enough to still be working and my job doesn't allow any time to play with the truck.
* I almost bought a Jaguar XK convertible, but came to my senses when I realized I have a Raider and a 560SL that aren't being used, but are taking up space on my insurance policy. Both of them are now for sale.

The last time I drove it was about 3 months ago and it ran fine, but it's time for plugs, etc.

The paint needs some elbow grease and wax - or a good paint job, but the body is straight as an arrow.

If you mean would I trust it to drive to AZ, definitely. If you mean would I deliver it, definitely not. Besides, someone needs to arrive here with a trailer to haul the extra stuff home with them.


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