I had the codes pulled today, and here's what I got:

- eng codes po174 (lean bank 2) po171 (lean bank 1)
- anti lock brakes and brake booster codes 35 & 36 (steering wheel sensor)
- tps code 25 (low battery on tire 2)

And then the garage my invoice says "would need to do more diagnostics". Any thoughts on these codes? I would like to replace the alternator, but with going through this divorce, it might be awhile before I can get that much cash together. Do you guys think there is any risk of doing more damage by running it like it is? TOday I drove it quite a bit, and only the Service Engine Soon light came on, and I noticed it is idling low (under 1k). Seems to run fine otherwise. It does seem that the brakes require more pedal pressure than normal, but maybe that's just a difference between my old '95 and this one. I'm still not at all used to this vehicle <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

Thanks guys.

I bought this thing near the end of November with 87k miles on it. Clean car fax, immaculate condition. 0 problems with it for the first couple months. The other day I got up early and drove it to a hiking area 30 minutes away. My daughter and I hike for a couple hours and drove home. Then boys and I loaded up the tubes/sleds and hit the big hill about 10 minutes away. We were there over 2 hours. Went to leave, and it would not start. Turned over fine, but no fire. I tried holding pedal to the floor, and pumping the pedal with 15 minutes between attempts. Nothing made it even sputter. So AAA takes it to the shop. Shop dicks around with it for over a week (The same week in which I was served divorce papers while at work). Shop finally takes it into shop, and says, it started right up, nothing wrong. I told them to change the plugs and wires, so they did. 287 bucks. I drove the car home no problems. Next morning, I get in to drive to work, and traction control on and off lights are BOTH light solid, and so is the service engine soon. Low air pressure light is lit as well. Now sometimes none of those lights light up. sometimes just the service engine soon light sometimes both the traction control lights. I'm really, REALLY hoping someone will have some input on this. I'm on the verge of being kicked out of my house (oh but I will be PAYING FOR EVERYTHING). My kids are taking this brutally hard. I can't take not having a dependable vehicle. I'm about ready to put it out for sale. Just over 90k on the ticker, but I can't be putting tons of money into it, as I now have a car payment for the first time in 16 years. Please, Mitsu Masters, give me some clues/advise/wisdom or tell me to piss off. I'll be ready for any and all responses.

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