I don't remember the year range... just remember mine being 1996 SR ones. Sorry.

Also, did a quick looksie. The a.c. delco ones in the pic look just like my ebay ones. (Didnt do any research though) They look to cost $100 each, so if they are China good make style, for the money, maybe step up to mitsu oem from mitsubishi-parts.net or grab the ebay cheapest?

88 Montero, StarQuest turbo, Kormex 5speed +tuff-pan w/phoenix f. stage2 clutch, 4in lift+33' tires, 4.875 lsd, short-throw shifter, Aisin hubs, SR big brakes, gen2 uca's, elantra alt, and so much more... 16g turbo w/hardpipes + 4.90 locking disk-brake axle soon (maybe lsd or aussie front??)