My tank does not have the 3 tubes on the left side of the tank from the filler tube, plus there is no breather tube coming back up the filler tube as shown on any replacement photo. There is no separator assy that I can see, as it would be connected to two of the missing tubes just left of the filler tube. I tried to remove the box near the rear of the sporty one bolt I could not get off, most likely the canistor is in there,it has 2 tubes coming out of it, one large one small, one looks like it comes from the tank the other goes to the engine compartment. This part is different, I will have to check it out more the is another plate or some type of assy forward of the fuel pump assy cover about 10 inchs to the front of the tank, I have not seen any tank that has this. Any ideas ?

2001 5sp. K&N stock filter 215/70/15
If your check engine light is on at least you know the light still works