I'm still here. Sold my Montero SR to Sparkem in 2004 maybe. Moved to Alice Springs, AU in 2009 & bought a 2004 Pajero 3.2 DiD. Lived there 4 years & sold the Paj when I moved to TX. No Montero but still like reading about everyone else's stories.

I possibly have the second oldest Reged (join date). Can't remember who has the one older than me that I've seen...

Was trying to locate James Webb who used to be on here as JW but he stopped posting a while back and I've lost contact with him.

Anyone still in touch with James? Is still driving his SR?

How about Ray Miles (selimyar), Chad (sapper), etc.? Anyone know what they're up to these days and if they still have their Monteros?

I know Guy from Mass. sold his red 2-door and now has an FJ.

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