Good ol' 4x4wire, I didn't even have a license to drive when i registered on this forum. I remember I had an expired learners permit and my junkyard '88 Montero, Lordtunks and I were roommates and he had an '88 Montero that was something like 13 numbers down the assembly line from mine.
I learned to drive in his Monty then I bought mine from the junkyard, knowing nothing about cars we slapped a cylinder head and carburetor he had laying around on it and drove that thing around like it was under warranty.
We then got PA_JERO for a roommate and turned him on to Mitsu 4x4's with a 1984 Mighty Max SPX turbo diesel. PA_JERO forced ClayTK into a Montero, we peer pressured StokerExplosion into a Montero. A lot of that goes around these parts, I think for every 1 OG Az Crewer there's been 5 brought on (It's like a cult in these parts). Then there was a rumor that JBFP was our illegitimate father but that's never been confirmed.
I think the last time i checked there were like 15 legit Az Crewers and maybe 25 fair weather Crewers. We have a few MIAs and a few others that are still IN but driving NON Monteros <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

1999 Montero SAS'd on Kings and stuff

1998 Montero trying to get a V8 Swapped