I have not been here that long, but still got my lot full of Mits's. The 2 87's and my 01. Both 87's are no longer registered. One is still running though. It leaks oil and tranny fluid. Smokes like a chimney till it gets warmed up. Needs Brakes overhauled they are leaking too. Needs complete front end overhaul rubbers gone in just about every joint and shocks all around. Starter is just about gone needs replacement. Exhaust leak as well and suspect cat converter needs to be ripped out.

Still looks good though. Wish I could put that 01 limited engine and 5 speed auto drive train in the 87. Sucker would be unstopable and get 20+ MPG.

Where is MudRaider(Frank)? Sold him a brand new weber carb for one of his collection few years ago. He could get anything running and loved his 88 two door. Saw a few pics of it buried in the mud. He would take that thing everywhere.