I've been Mia as well. Moved to NoVA a few years ago, married, expecting twins in February, motor messed up in the Montero. Waiting to get funds to put rebuilt back in. Been busy and def miss posting.

Ray Miles, last I checked sold his 1st gen and got a Rubi. Ran into him several years ago by accident when he visited friends in Charlotte. Would be great to hear from him.

What about Bretwalda, Reuben and Icysyrup?

99JAOS2"& OME 2"body 4.90s ARB HS9500i Skids&Ladder 16"315BFG JAOSRemote& Rack 3Row Rad IPF back& Searchlite HID Overhead Console/CB switchPanel FrARB RrLocker TJMSnorkel 160AAlt Sliders 2nd Tranny Cooler QuickAirII& Tank Rear frame/tank Lift