Love reading this thread... takes me back. Great story and pics Jason! Miss all you guys. The other day I was talking to my wife and she said something about "her truck" and I realized it was true. After I sold the gen2 diesel and we got a gen3 to replace her Outlander, it kind of became hers. Sure, I like the gen3 - comfortable, lots of power with that 3.8... but... Its not really the same... I haven't been on here much, since I don't feel like I have much to contribute anymore - the gen3 does its thing without complaint, and I drive the SportBack as a DD... but something is missing.

I think maybe I need another project? Got something in mind, but have to save some money first. In the meantime, great to see what you veterans have been up to. Doesn't seem to matter how much time goes by - when you check back in here, you're one of the family!

1991 HZJ77, 1999 KZJ90, 1999 UZJ100, 1992 M101CDN2