Looking to do some bolt on upgrades on the 3.0. Can anybody give suggestions on some swaps/ bolt ons. I'm thinking along the lines of cams, plenum, lower intake, exhaust manifold, bigger throttle body. Has anybody re-tuned the PCM? I know there are several mitsubishi/chrysler models and versions of the 3.0. Are there better parts that will match up with the raiders 3.0. Or even aftermarket parts. Also does anybody know if the DOHC heads mate with the SOHC block that could be pretty cool to take the top end off of a pretty complete 88 stealth I found at the yard and put em on the raider! Thanks

89 V6 manual trans Dodge Raider frame 87 cold weather pkg 2" body lift, Soft 8's wraped in BFG km2 33x10.5x15, JDM Pajero yellow Bosch fogs. Yackama basket. Duel bouncies gen II rear springs,gen II ft brakes,master and booster.