Thanks for the good info, correct me if I'm wrong but with more air for example ( slightly bigger throttle body possibly cams) you can also add more fuel with bigger injectors maybe fuel pump ( more fuel with same pulse width from PCM) Mass air and O2's and stock PCM or retuned should be able to ramp up long term fuel trim while still being able to maintain short term fuel trim. Giving more (longer)burn in the cylinders and maintain stoichometric ratio also giving more power while staying naturally asperated then better exhaust to maintain scavenging and flow. I am well aware that without air being pushed in the intake, vacuum is only going to be able to ingest what the atmosphere has to give but should still be able to produce more power. I agree that one mod alone will not give results but a collaboration of components will make a gain in both torque and horse power. I am not real familiar with the DSM obd 1 PCM to know if this is possible. That's why my thought was to use component from other DSM/chrysler 3.0 from closely related year to achieve better numbers. The stealth uses the same cast iron block so power should not be a problem. I guess my question is, does anybody know what components and from what vehicles could be used to accomplish better performance.

89 V6 manual trans Dodge Raider frame 87 cold weather pkg 2" body lift, Soft 8's wraped in BFG km2 33x10.5x15, JDM Pajero yellow Bosch fogs. Yackama basket. Duel bouncies gen II rear springs,gen II ft brakes,master and booster.