I have over bored and milled mine. Heavy head,ex manifolds, intake upper and lower, tb ported full 2.5in ex. New intake pipe kn filter. About everything you could do. It needs Full tunable ecu. Any how I would say it makes a solid 170-180hp with that said needs steep gears.......The Power is in the upper rpms 4500+. Was it worth it..... For that power no.....a stock 3.5 would be more hp and more tq. Will be turbo in the near future. With a good ecu. If you really want more power you need boost or due a motor swap.

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1997 Montero LS with a motor swap a 1990 V6 12valve ported heads full 2.5in Ex I run stock tire size for Daily use, off road have 33x12.5 working on going trubo.