I haved decided on a 97' SR as my replacement for my very trusty Ford superduty diesel. The truck can't handle the tight trails where I elk hunt like this thing can and I'm not worried about getting a few scratches on her either. My replacement research started months ago. I looked at gen I first but decided on the roomy 4 door gen II to accomodate all of my gear and a dog. Having AC, a panoramic sunrood and a rear locker might have had something to do with the decision as well. It needs a little work here and there but it runs, drives and only has 110k miles onit. Oh, I paid $1300 for it too. I've read every post in the archives but still might have a few questions like; do you know if 98' sport nerfs will fit a 97 SR?


97' Montero SR
99' F250 SCLB 7.3