I'm making a wish list for my 90 montero. I understand that some of the Gen 2 parts are considered upgrades. I don't have easy access to a gen 2. Best deal I've found on one was $600 for a non running SR thats got everything but the cat converter on it. Its like 2.5-3 hours from me and I would have to pay/find a way to get it home. Second "deal" on one was an hour farther, the guy would only sell parts not as a whole. If I wanted the rear end he wanted $300 for it and me to pull it <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/zombie.gif" alt="" />

Anyway, I'd like to put gen 2 brakes on the front and I have read through a lot of info on here so far but just want to make sure I get a good option cost and performance wise. I noticed the 95 SR rotor is different then the 95 LS and found different part numbers for the calipers too. Is one option better then the other? Its said the bolts to mount the SR rotor need to be shorter then the Gen 1 is that true for the Gen 2 LS rotor as well?
Ill probably be ordering the parts online, I doubt napa would take a signal piston caliper for a core when buying a dual piston caliper..

Gen 2 UCAs
I know the ball joint design is better when it comes to changing them. If I don't go with much bigger tires then 235s and don't give it much lift is it still ok to put the gen 2 UCAs on? My concern is if I still be able to get a decent alignment.

Gen 2 Ideler arm
Can anyone comment on how the Gen 2 idler arm has held up on a Gen 1? Worth doing? Has the pitman arm from the gen 2 been used too?

My montero will be used for general commuting most of the time. Occasional towing and will take it on camping and hunting trips. Don't plain on doing any major off-roading.

Thanks for any help and advise in advance

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