I went to the dealer and got the tail light changed. I hate when people post questions and never come back with answers, or just put "I solved it" but don't tell you how. So I came back.

The Saturday had the #2 Isuzu mechanic, he'd only been there 6 years. He had never seen a tail light removed in all that time. He was likewise baffled that it wasn't coming out.

We removed 3 of 4 points (2 screws, one plastic tab) holding the rear driver's lens in. From inside the car, we removed jack, looked inside, and were unable to figure out why it wouldn't let go. You could feel a plastic receiver, but not well enough to know if there was a screw or a tab inside.

The mechanic was certain it was not a lower screw, but instead a tab and said they had a tool to try and pop it out; it's long and has a "V" shape on the end to get around tabs and give a little leverage.

But he didn't get that tool. Instead, he was about 5'4" with small hands. He reached into the gap and was able to unscrew the bulb assembly and pull it out of the lens.

So I don't have an answer how to get the lens assembly off, but at least if you have someone small and thin around, there is a way to get the bulb out.

[color:"white"] 04 Rodeo DI [/color] 75k mi, body damage on the 1st weekend I got it.