Looking to get an LSD rear carrier assembly for 1990 LWB Montero. I know I have 4.625 gears and would like to match them. Mi_Mitsu has a rear carrier assembly from a LWB but is unsure the ratio. Told him the only way I know would be to count ring and pinion teeth and divide ring count by pinion count. Don't know if the lwb only came with certain gears? Would ratio be different based on it being auto or manual trans? Just my thoughts, any other ways to tell. Would be good to know for future search.

On another similar subject I could not get my axle shafts out when I tried the other day. Was not using the ideal tools to do it, may have been most of my problem. I removed the nuts that hold the shaft to the housing. I only have a 3lb slide hammer and had to use a piece of angle iron with holes drilled in it to attach to the hub. It never budged. Should I just get a bigger slide hammer and proper hub tool or did I maybe miss something?

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