Ok, so we all know the design and placement of cupholders was never Kia's strong suit. In my ok 95, they were exactly where your elbow should be and in my 2002 and 2000 models, the last of which is my current vehicle, they block the a/c and heat vents, they are weak and bouncy, they are almost always broken in used vehicles and since they're bouncy, their placement is atrocious, both 2000+ models I've had have had soda, coffee and whatever else spilled into the a/c vents, down the center console, into the buttons and switches and into the stereo. Only 2 buttons and 1 function work on the stereo, luckily, the other stuff is so cheap, it would work under water. Anyway, so, long story short - anybody make any custom / home brew solutions for the console issues, like storage and cupholders? Would really like to see something before I just go with one of my two best ideas. One of which is fabricating an entirely new console Tuffy brand style. Thanks for any input.

I pulled the complete cup holder tray thing from the dash in my last one, fab'd a filler plate, and mounted my CB and light switches in an opening cut in that filler plate. CB to the passenger side, and switches for lights on the driver's side closest to the steering wheel. Worked awesome, and I'm about to do the same with my newest '97.

'97 Sporty, 4wd/MT- Mazda/Aisin manual hubs, ghetto cold air intake. Planning- Mechanical OD auto/Dana 300 swap, SAS, and a little tooob...