Contacted a friend of mine who is the best engine builder I know back home and he advised to just do the cold torque and to add 5lbs.

Mounting this thing back but can only work on weekends as I do not have enough time during the week. I think I am taking Friday off so I can finish it.

Oh, during the disassembly process I found a broken sensor, the one on top and next to the thermostat housing, I believe is for the cooling fan, and it cost about $47 so I'll see if I can fix it just as I did with one of the sensors in the transfer case.


88 red Montero with the Dakar Special Edition decals, 438,000 miles (As of 7/23/2012) some occational blue puffing but still strong and counting!!! I am going ppsshhh (turbo), Stay tuned =) ...