Double check that your plug wires are routed correctly, on both the cap and the plugs. IIRC the 3.0 has something funky about the distributor cap towers not being in the expected order.

Check the basics: Do you have spark? Are you getting fuel pressure? Did you have issues getting the cam timing properly set?

Diagnosing a no-start like this is always frustrating because it's usually something simple that you'd swear you got right. smile

95 Montero SR
3.8 MIVEC, Advance headers, 2 1/2" exhaust, Magnaflow muffler, OME shocks & rear springs, 2" body lift, 3" tank lift, 4.90s, TRE front locker, factory rear locker, Roger Brown Rock Sliderz, 315/75r16 (35") tires, Sport big brakes