Hello again,
I cannot believe this karma that is following me. Well, I guess that have to learn from or mistakes or details that we let slip through the cracks.

Engine has been working awesome until I decided to make a trip from Atlanta to Destin FL with the family. Took the 1990 LWB instead of the wife's Gen III, even when she wanted to, and all worked fine; made it to the Florida pan handle and back flawlessly.

The next day when I went to check the coolant level and <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/scared.gif" alt="" /> I couldn't believe my eyes @#%&%$!()\;@@ it is not coolant anymore it is oil, yes OIL. Not a milky mixture, It is literally oil. You will not believe how upset I am <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" />

I have been pondering on what could be the culprit. Right after I fixed it I knew I had to add and extra quart and so I did but a day or so later when I checked the oil it looked like it needed an additional quart plus I had a lifter that was louder than normal so I made the immediate assumption that it indeed needed another quart. Long and behold I was wrong the oil was too clean when I checked it and now I had 1 quart too much in the engine. That could damage the rear seal or overflow somewhere but it has no way to overflow into the cooling system, right?

If the answer to the above is no then it means that I might have another blown head gasket due to a warped or less than perfect head surface or a cracked head. Either way, I believe that I should have had the heads checked by the machine shop, and for that I am kicking myself.

It should be easier to take apart now that I know what I am getting myself into but, again, I am so <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" /> I can cry, kidding.

The thing is, I don't need this problem right now, not right now but I have no other choice. The 1988 SWB at 500k is saving the day again. It barely revs to 4k and the spark plugs are so messed up that they are incapable of burning he oil otherwise it keeps going and going.

Sorry for the long rant but I needed it.


NOTE: moderator, is there a way to reduce the size of the photo on the previous note? I got to find a way to post my pics, MSN seems not to be working.

88 red Montero with the Dakar Special Edition decals, 438,000 miles (As of 7/23/2012) some occational blue puffing but still strong and counting!!! I am going ppsshhh (turbo), Stay tuned =) ...