Ok guys,
Tearing the engine apart one more time. Got new head gaskets and will order new head bolts, again. I wish I had all the lifters to replace them now that I am in there but this engine was quite and smooth so I guess I will not do it for now.
In the meantime Jacobo the red SWB with almost 500K miles is saving the day. That little machine saved my life once and now continue to save the day when the others need some time off.

I will post updates, I hope it doesn't take long as this is the 3rd time I take it apart.


88 red Montero with the Dakar Special Edition decals, 438,000 miles (As of 7/23/2012) some occational blue puffing but still strong and counting!!! I am going ppsshhh (turbo), Stay tuned =) ...