Question for those of you with the V6. When you switch to the ACC position on your ignition can you hear the electric fuel pump kicking? To tell you the truth i have not paid attention to it until now.

Mine cranks and out of the coil I have no spark, I thought that was my issue so I visited my local O'Reilly's and it happen that my coil, with lifetime warranty, is now obsolete and a new model is replacing it. They gave me the new model to replace my "bad" coil, I tried it and still I have no spark so I am more inclined to believe in my ECU problems.

But again, as I mentioned above can you hear your fuel pump with the key at ACC?


88 red Montero with the Dakar Special Edition decals, 438,000 miles (As of 7/23/2012) some occational blue puffing but still strong and counting!!! I am going ppsshhh (turbo), Stay tuned =) ...