For the most part, over the many years I have been a member of this forum, we've kept to discussions about what fits within the confines of the existing fender wells and how much lift it takes to fit what tire size. When I helped with trail leading for the 2007 ultimate adventure, a guy named Tim or Tom Hardy showed up, not in his usual beat to sh.. Samurai, but in a very clean looking Suzuki Grand Vitara with 5.5" custom lift and 35" tires. I scoured the very few pictures I could find on the web, as well as watched the video for his scenes. His tires barely seemed to rub and amazingly, they fit fully stuffed. After really looking at some stock GV pics, I realized he trimmed quite a bit of fender, very cleanly so as not to look trimmed. Now, granted, he had a beefed up rear axle, but the front was stock. He never broke on the trail, that is documented, and there is no mention of him having a body lift, so I suspect long bumpstops. So, questions - anyone ever run a 35 on stock axles? A 33? I ran 32's. What is the largest tire anyone has fitted andrun off the road on a Sportage with no body lift?

95 Sportage w/welded and 5.89 geared dana 44's on 38.5" TSL's.- SADLY SOLD
CURRENTLY - 2000 sportage, 5.38 gears, welded diffs, 35" tires, 5.5" lift