Whoa that was weird. On my drive up to Seattle from Portland my gas pedal got stuck. The throttle body was closed so all I could do was idle along after taking the Castle Rock exit off of I-5. It caused a delay of about an hour and a half because I had no tools. I bought some stuff at the gas station and determined it wasn't that there was something stuck under the pedals. Nor was there anything wrong with the throttle cables. The cruise control servo was working as it should and after calling my buddy Kary, who I was on my way to see, we both came to the conclusion that it was a problem with the throttle positron sensor that was obstructing the baffle plate on the throttle body.

It turned out to be the case and I was able to get it back on the road. Has anyone else ever ran into this problem?

I know what the sensor does, but I don't know how it does it. Can anyone please describe the mechanics of how the T.P.S. works? Physically, what does it do?

89 Raider - V6, Automatic, rear LSD, A/C Retrofit, Cruise Control Retrofit.