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I've had this new-to-me "other" Raider at my house for a while now and I'm at a point where I think I'm ready to part ways with it. Here is an update on what I've done to it recently.

I installed a new set of Head Gaskets. I also installed a set of better condition heads that were on a Montero that used to belong to a Facebook friend of mine. New cylinder head bolts too. Those heads were originally installed and ran for about 4 months on my friends Montero before he broke a piston rod. No damage was done to the bottom side of the cylinder heads. So I decided to use them as they were in excellent shape. I put new valve guide seals on the cylinder heads so the engine wonít burn oil. Also, I serviced the hydraulic lash adjusters so they donít tick when you fire up the rig. In addition, I installed a new radiator that came from the same rig. It was brand new and ran on that Montero for those same four months. I have new gaskets on the valve covers, and a new O-ring on the coolant pipe that feeds the heater core. I also installed new rotor, distributor cap, spark plugs and spark plug high tension cables. The Raider also has new exhaust manifold gaskets, as well as new upper and lower intake manifold gaskets.

The result of the new head gaskets, heads and various other gaskets have been great. I used to be concerned at the heating up of the engine. The work I have done has completely resolved any of those remaining concerns. This rig is still rather new to me and I've discovered more about it as I went through this process.

During the tear down process and subsequent reassembly, I noticed a few things that concern me. If I were to keep this rig, I would make the following repairs immediately. The front mail oil seal leaks pretty significantly and evidently it has leaked for a while judging by the amount of accumulated grease and grime. So I would either do a new front main seal or a new oil pump and be done with it. A new main seal, means tearing down the front of the engine including timing belt (but that is a good thing). A new oil pump means having to drop the oil pan and that can be a pain in the butt. If Iím going to do a new front main oil seal, I would do a full timing kit (including coolant pump) on this rig as preventative maintenance, not that it needs it. The biggest concern I have at the moment is the crankshaft woodruff key. It is broken and has a little tiny stub left. The crankshaft itself is a little chewed up as a result too. I would replace the woodruff key immediately along with a new Crank Shaft bolt and washer. I would seriously consider replacing the timing sprocket and harmonic balancer while I'm at it too. As far as the engine is concerned, that is all it would need. However, I also noticed that there is a fair bit of rattling coming from the catalytic converter. I crawled underneath the Raider once it was up to full operating temperature and the noise was coming from what appeared to be inside the cat. Oh yeah, I need to tell you guys about the self-inflicted damage here. I broke a bolt off that is on the exhaust manifold that holds the EGR metal flex pipe back to the intake manifold. Also the metal flex pipe has a small perforation along the flex so it leaks a little air. The whole broken bolt situation here has caused a pretty significant exhaust leak in the system. I'm actively looking for a replacement EGR pipe that is fully intact and a replacement manifold at this current time. However, Iím not finding the right manifold so it may be that the broken bold has to be drilled out and re-tapped.

The Raider runs okay right now, and obviously needs some work. I can drive it up and down my driveway and into my garage any time I want. It fires up effortlessly and doesn't die while idling or anything. However, it does run a little bit rough and I believe that has more to do with the wobbly harmonic balancer due to the broken woodruff key more than anything else.

The Good:
It runs strong and no longer heats up.
The Raider itself is in pretty good condition with a few small dents on the hood and some of the clear coat is peeling off of the hood too.
No real rust to speak of on this rig with the exception of typical spots like the wheel wells. But it's only surface rust from what I can tell.

The Bad:
This is what it NEEDS:
New Front Main Seal - $6.99
New Woodruff key - $3.99
Crankshaft bolt and washer - $15.03 + $5.13
Catalytic Converter - $79.99

Prices sourced from OíReilly Auto Parts and Mitsubishi.net. For less than $120.00 in parts and some labor, this could be a really reliable vehicle for someone.

Things to consider:
New Timing Sprocket (someone has broken a little piece off of it)
New Harmonic Balancer (not that it needs one, but you may as well)
New Timing Kit (including coolant pump)
New Oil pump (not necessary as the pressure is normal)

Guys, beyond that, Iím not yet familiar enough with this little Raider to know much more about it. I have all the receipts Iíve spent recently and all the cores will be included with the rig of course.

If anyone here is interested make me an offer and Iím sure Iíll take you up on it.

Picasa Web Album of my "other" Raider for sale

89 Raider - V6, Automatic, rear LSD, A/C Retrofit, Cruise Control Retrofit.