Hey all,

new to the forums. I've got an '87 Montero. Had it for about a month. Long story short, I didn't do a compression test on it before buying it, I just assumed the 2.6 sounded "lopey". After trying to track down and fix some oil leaks, I discovered high crank case pressures (high velocity air coming out of the oil cap, and dipstick tube). Finally did a compression test, results as follows:

Oil in cylinder resulted in pressure increase to 150psi (cylinder 1) soo...rebuild is in order.

Anyway, looking for any tips and known issues to look for in these 2.6 engines, as I will be breaking it apart myself. I'm kicking around the idea of just doing a re-ring and honing it myself, but I guess I'll just wait to see what condition the cylinder wall is in. Anyone with experience doing just new rings?

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