Well, put a new a/c condenser fan on and so far, so good. But new issue, engine rattled and died, checked the oil and there was only a teeny tiny drop at the end of the dipstick, so, it was time for an oil change anyway, so I dumped it and replaced it, new filter, etc. When I poured the old oil into the new oil's empty jug, I see I get 4.5 quarts. So how on earth is my dipstick not showing this when the engine is hot. Checked level after oil change and dipstick shows full. So...??? Maybe it was crinkled up inside the tube and didn't reach all the way in, I don't know. Also changed spark plugs and, as always, oil in rearmost chamber. That's nothing new, I've had 3 Sportages and they've all had that issue, but never seen no oil on the dipstick. Oh, and as far as the aluminum radiator thing? I was actually looking for one made of copper, not too fond of aluminum, but the abuse it's going to see soon just makes me think a tougher metal is in order. Cheapest one I can find is a specifically designed performance radiator for about $205.

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