Nope, still have the same issue. It wasn't pushing out the cap and overflow tank with the a/c on because it was pushing out the thermostat housing due to the bad gasket. So, there are only a few options left - either the water pump is not circulating the coolant, the head gasket is blowing gas into the water channels, the radiator is too gunked up to actually cool the coolant, or lastly, there is a blockage in the block somewhere. Ok, so, the water pump, I can test that by removing the thermostat. I will do this asap. I really don't think the issue is the head gasket for two reasons - it only happens when the a/c is on (and yes, the condenser fan works great) and, I have zero water from the tailpipe. As far as the radiator being gunked up? Not really any way to test that, that I know of, just replace and run. If its a blockage in the block, I may be able to tell when I test the water pump. Or maybe not. Guess we'll find out. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shiner.gif" alt="" />

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