The bump stops the other guys are referring to are under the upper control arm and limit how much the front suspension drops, as in, how far the arm will travel downward. This is relevant because when trying to raise the front of the truck by cranking the torsion bars, oftentimes the suspension runs out of travel because it hits those bump stops before the desired height is reached. Even if it doesn't, there's little possible movement left when driving and the ride quality suffers, so you trim some of the rubber off to allow some more travel of the suspension.

The bump stops pictured in the first post control how far the suspension will compress, the opposite direction of the above-discussed often-trimmed stops.

Oh yeah, mine are chewed up too, but my tires ate mine since the steering limit stops are worn away on my '86. Not sure how that happened. Maybe it has something to do with jamming 33x12.5 tires onto 7" wide wheels...

John B.