Dave.. In general, cooling issues are lack of air flow or lack of fluid flow. Thermostats not opening or closing at proper temperatures can cause overheating issues. They are easy to test by placing it in a pot of water on the stove. Heat the water and watch temperature on a thermometer to see when it opens.

Blockage in the radiator or corroded cooling fins can alter heat disapation. Your new radiator should eliminate that.

Water pump will generally leak first unless the impeller blades are damaged.

Fans are either belt driven or electric. IMHO, belt driven are mechanically more dependable. If your heating is connected with slow speed driving, electrical will provide a more constant air flow. Some vehicles have a variable speed fan clutch that can cause fan rotation issues.

The popping in you speakers indicates a speaker problem or a grounding issue.

When I was into buying stereo stuff, my belief was speakers needed to be double the max output of amp. With 17 watts, I don't believe you will tell a difference between 50 watt and 100 watt speakers unless you compare price...

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