I've never had an issue with CV's pulling out or overextending because of trimming the upper bump stops, and I've done it on every Montero I've ever worked on or owned. And, yes, there is a significant increase in articulation, since the stops are well inboard, near the 'hinge point' and the end of the arm is further out away from the stop, so you gain a couple of inches, which oftentimes is taken up by cranking up the torsion bars anyway.

I tend to see and agree with HazT on the poly bump stop idea. His comparison to a block of wood makes sense, and it would definitely suck, as I once cut so much off my upper stops on my first Raider that the control arm would hit the bolts holding what was left of the bump stops and it was really annoying. I'd rather have some give to them.

And HazT knows how to drive...FAST. He's not kidding about that truck, either.

John B.